Pastor David Musgrove has been preaching the gospel for 53 years and has a special awareness of the deep calling in the heart of the people for a personal experience with Jehovah God.  He always has a burden for people’s faith to recognize Hebrews 13:88 Jesus Christ, the same yesterday today and forever.
Brother Musgrove has been married to his wonderful wife, Pamela Musgrove, for over 50 years. Together, they have two wonderful sons, Johnathan Musgrove of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Jason Musgrove of Tucson, Arizona. His family also consists of his daughter-in-law, Bethany, and three grandchildren: Sarah, Pamela, and Johnathan.
If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your personal savior, Pastor Musgrove would like to invite you to a personal experience so that Jesus Christ can be a personal Savior in your heart to prepare for the great rapture that is at hand.