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INSPIRATION - 1st Set Bro. Keith

Citas sobre “La Inspiración”


Rev. William Marrion Branham – May 08, 1951 – “Faith Is The Substance”

The love of God is like a Notary Public: takes a seal and presses it until the inscription of that seal is pressed in the paper over the signature. Oh, my. And when Christ signs your name on the Book of Life, and the Holy Spirit presses It in there until the Life of Christ is formed in you (Hallelujah.) becomes deity. Men and women are sons and daughters of God. It does not yet appear what we shall be, but we know we’ll be like Him. For we shall see Him as He is, have a body like His own glorious body. And we’re waiting our perfect redemption. Amen. You believe it?

35 Our bodies are groaning, and we have an inheritance. And we’re children now, heirs of the Kingdom (Oh, my.), kings and priests unto God offering spiritual sacrifices.

What does a priest do? Make a sacrifice. What is a sac—a spiritual sacrifice? That’s what these sons and daughters do, which are kings and priests, yet not in full possession, but they’re making sacrifices, offering to God spiritual sacrifices: the fruits of our lips giving praise to Him (Amen.), fruits of our lips.

You say, “Brother Branham, I just don’t feel like praising Him.” That’s the time to make the sacrifice. Praise Him anyhow. Kings and priests, sons and daughters offering spiritual sacrifice, the fruits of our lips, giving praise unto His Name.

36 While we’re groaning, veiled in this tabernacle of humiliation, we have the earnest of our perfect, complete redemption back like we was in the beginning when God created Adam in the garden of Eden. We have a foretaste of glory divine by the baptism of the Holy Ghost, the refreshment coming from the Presence of God to water the Church to make it grow in grace. And when we’re sick we have redemption, the blessing, the attributes of the death of Christ. Divine healing as a fore-sign to us that someday this mortal will take on immortality. Yes, sir. Amen, Oh, my, marvelous. He’s here to do it. Glory.

Testimony of Brother Francisco Garcia from Costa Rica (translated by Daniel Ocasio)

Dear Brother Musgrove,

Pastor, I write to you regarding the testimony that Bro Francisco Garcia from Costa Rica shared with me concerning the mighty intervention of The Hand of Jehovah Rapha on behalf of his son Caleb. As you may remember a few months before the recent meetings in Costa Rica, his son fell off a ladder and broke one of his arms. The young man was taken to the hospital and was tendered by the doctors who did the best they could for him, but on the follow up visit the X-ray was showing that the bone did not heal properly, and Sis Garcia was told that they will have to re-open to perform another surgery to correct the alignment of the bones. Even though they were moved by the sad news they refused to take the diagnose as the final word on the matter and Bro Francisco called for prayer. After the prayer of faith that you prayed Bro Garcia called his wife and encouraged her with these words, “Don’t worry, the pastor prayed and I know that everything is going to be alright”. On the way home after prayer, Sis Garcia took a taxi and the driver asked her if everything was alright, she explained what happened to the driver and how they were in faith and encouraged after the prayer of faith, and the driver began to weep because of the presence that was in the car, and he told her “I believe that your son is going to be alright”.

At the meetings in Costa Rica the young brother told his parents that when you greeted him, you said something to him that even though he couldn’t understand it because of the language barrier, he felt such an anointing coming from you that he felt that he can walk in the air for a kilometer. When they returned home from the meetings, Caleb went to open the gate to their house which is very heavy, and after he did, he told his father, “Dad, the strength is back on my arm again”. Now, today Bro Garcia called me and told me that after his son was examined by the doctor and a new X-ray was taken, the doctor told them that the arm is healed, and that no surgery is needed for the bone is back in its place, and as you can see on the new X-ray it does look like nothing happened.

Pastor, this is another living evidence that He is an on-time God, The God that answers prayers, and that He is still in the healing business! Thank you for your labor of love on behalf of the Bride around the world.

God bless you!
In the service of the King,
Brother Daniel Ocasio

The Stone Is Being Wound Up, There’ll Be One More Ride

Bro. Joseph Coleman – “Come Unto Me And Drink.” June 20, 1981. (Excerpts from 6-20-1973)

Here’s the trouble tonight in this Message all over the world. There’s Goliath walking up and down 40 days with a test. There’s the ministry, Saul tied down, there’s David’s seven brothers running up and down the past seven years, eight years now, praise God. But David was number eight in the eight year. He come on the scene then brother, number eight. Amen.

Are you listening what I’m saying now? No I’m talking about not one person please. I’m talking about the real true prophetic Bride. On there’s apostles and prophets, pastors, evangelists and teachers yet. And God’s gonna show them. He’s gonna manifest them through the Dynamics. They’re scattered around here and there teaching the Word of God, but He’s gonna call them forth and they’re gonna stand up and go after the lost. Amen…

David walked out there, took one little stone and he wound it up and Goliath looked at him and laughed him to scorn. Yes they’ll laugh us to scorn but that Stone is being wound tonight. While they’re laughing I’m winding the Stone up. Praise God. They’re still laughing, I’m winding, they’re laughing, I’m winding. You keep laughing, I’ll keep winding because l know what I’ve got but you don’t know what you’ve got. Praise God.  What I’ve got has been tested and proven by Jesus Christ Himself. Praise God. Not one time, many times. Praise the Lord. So I’m ready to take this revelation and wind it up.

Now watch what happened. Goliath stood up there. Where did that rock go at? You know where it went. It went straight to the forehead. What is that? Intellectual powers. David’s ministry is finally gonna come on the scene and slay Goliath in the forehead. When the revelation of Jesus Christ goes to Connecticut, Indiana and Tucson and Georgia and South America and all the different places, it’ll slay Goliath, lay him out flat and you’ll see the sheep of God come screaming forth. Praise God.

When the real David takes that Stone of the Rock of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, when that David stands out there with that confession of what the Seventh Seal is and what the Power of God is and we can prove it on the spot and smash it into Goliath’s forehead; and all the intellectual horses, tents, white horses, intellectual powers of the Message will be scattered and the true Message shall go forth. There’ll be one more ride. Oh praise God. I feel good tonight. It’s gonna happen starting right here in New York tonight.

Don’t Rebuke The 5-Fold Ministers, Together We’re Gleaning For Life

Bro. Joseph Coleman – “Predestinated To Be Conformed To The Image Of Christ.” October 4, 1981.

The Scripture says in Ruth 2:10, that Ruth found grace under sanctification to glean in Boaz’ field. She was beautiful and those angels in the field seen her. She was a beautiful woman and Boaz seen her. He said, “Keep your hands off of her. That’s mine.” Amen. And then he blessed her and told the reapers, “Let her glean among the sheaves.” And he told the reapers, “Let fall some of the handful of barley on purpose and leave it there that she might glean and rebuke her not when she begins to glean the Seven Thunder quotes.”

Don’t rebuke us ministers. We’re doing the sanctification work. We’re finding all the Seven Thunder quotes for seven years, Adoption, predestination. If you don’t want to labor, let me labor. I know where I’m going. His God is my God! Hallelujah. Maybe you don’t know but l know! I have a revelation. Before the foundation of the world, God seen me gleaning. So you receive a handful of fresh Barley for seven years and now you’re ready to rest and get a whole skirt full. From a handful to a whole skirt full. My, it’s still the Barley.

Boaz said, “Don’t touch her.” And now they’re gonna bother you. Now they’re gonna bother you. Boaz speaking to Ruth. I’ve commanded the young men not to insult you. Amen. I like that, His protection. Who said that? The Lord of the Harvest. Who said that? The Seventh Seal with the Seven Thunders. “Don’t touch mine anointed who are preaching the Seven Thunders and do my prophets no harm.” Oh hallelujah. “Be careful, don’t touch my anointed, do my prophets no harm.” Is that right? “For verily l say unto you, it would be far better for you that a millstone would hang around your neck and drown you in the sea, even to offend the least of these, my little ones. 

Those that are gleaning out these Seven Thunder quotes. Amen. Those that are trying to be sanctified. Those that are trying to praise the Lord. Those that are trying to get in Bible order. Don’t you touch them. Maybe you don’t know where you’re going but they’re going back where they come from. Sha!…”Now she’s gleaning for Life.” For Life. She was hungry, starving. Not fat and sassy. “I’m in the Message.” But hungry, thirsty! And because of that, she sat at the angels’ table and they had water and they had food at the table because she found grace under the Seven Thunder Revelation. Glory. Amen.

He said, ” Now she’s gleaning for life and l want you reapers, you angels of the Covenant.” In other words, that’s what they are. He said, “l want you angels, you reapers, every once in a while to drop a handful on purpose. Every once in a while get a real powerful revelation and drop it in there.” Amen. “And don’t let it be so tiresome for her now because I’m gonna marry her.”

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