God bless you. Due to the current worldwide events with the COVID19 , we are following CDC recommendations and will not be having services at the local church. We will be using a combination of live streaming and On demand services for our Wednesday night and Sunday morning services until further notice.

You are welcome to submit your praises and prayer request as you normally do, using email or our online form on the website. We will ensure that they are read and prayed over during our Sunday morning services. We are trusting and believing that the Lord will provide every need to His children during these challenging times.

Dios les bendiga. Debido a los actuales eventos mundiales con el virus COVID19 estamos siguiendo las recomendaciones del CDC y no estaremos teniendo servicios en la iglesia local. Estaremos usando una combinacion de transmission en vivo y por archivos para nuestros servicios de Miercoles y Domingo hasta nuevo aviso.

Le invitamos a seguir enviando sus notas de agradecimiento o peticiones de oracion como normalmente hace a traves de correo electronico o el formulario electronico en la pagina web. Nos aseguraremos de que sean leidas y oradas. Estamos confiando que el Señor proveera cada necesidad de sus hijos durante estos tiempos dificiles.

A Call To Prayer

Welcome to Charity Tabernacle

We are a non-denominational, Bible based group of believers located in Tucson, Arizona. We are blessed to have sister churches across the USA, as well as Central & South America. People from all over the globe connect to our weekly services via live stream. We believe the message of the hour as it was brought by the Prophet of God, Rev. William Branham, according to Malachi 4:5. Our service schedule is:

  • Sunday Mornings 9:00 AM
  • Wednesday Nights 7:30 PM

If you are looking for a deeper experience with God in your life and want a closer walk with Him, we would like to invite you to be in service with us and be part of the move of God in the last days. Our weekly services are translated in Spanish. Come and worship together with us! God bless you.

L’Shana Haba’ah

L'Shana Haba'ah B'Yerushalayim (Hebrew: לשנה הבאה בירושלים‎), lit. "Next year in Jerusalem", is a phrase that is often sung at the end of the Passover Seder and at the end of the Ne'ila service on Yom Kippur. Its use during Passover was first recorded by Isaac Tyrnau in his 15th century CE book cataloging the Minhaggim of various Ashkenazi communities. L'Shana Haba'ah evokes a

Special Offering

Thank you for contributing towards this special offering for Bro Joel Nanton. We thank God daily for the healing of our brother and acknowledge the powerful work that God has done on behalf of His servant. Until God completes the healing of Bro. Joel he still has a long