Welcome to Charity Tabernacle

We are a non-denominational, Bible based group of believers located in Tucson, Arizona. We are blessed to have sister churches across the USA, as well as Central & South America. People from all over the globe connect to our weekly services via live stream. We believe the message of the hour as it was brought by the Prophet of God, Rev. William Branham, according to Malachi 4:5. Our service schedule is:

  • Sunday Mornings 9:00 AM
  • Wednesday Nights 7:30 PM

If you are looking for a deeper experience with God in your life and want a closer walk with Him, we would like to invite you to be in service with us and be part of the move of God in the last days. Our weekly services are translated in Spanish. Come and worship together with us! God bless you.

2023-1121 Annoucement

Recently, we conducted routine maintenance on access accounts. During this process, accounts that were inactive or didn't align with our account creation standards were removed. If you're experiencing access issues, it may be necessary to apply for a new account. Please note that account approval might take several days and

Quote: With Your Testimony Apply The Token For Your Family

Christ Directed Service. October 13, 1974: "Now l wanted to read about your families here. Well what about my family here? We remember that we've applied by faith. Can we say amen? Without the Holy Ghost now, we by faith believe we're going to receive it, and we act upon