UPDATE – 9/29/2017

Greetings to all. We would like to give an update on the present stage of the church in Puerto Rico and the different efforts that are underway to provide assistance. We thank God that the damage to the building in Guayama was minimum. The exterior of the building did suffer some aesthetic damage but nothing that can’t be repaired. The believers in the area are already coordinating efforts to work on the repairs in a near future as soon as the general situation in the island is under control. Some of our local brothers in Tucson are ready to go to Puerto Rico and assist with this effort as soon as commercial flights are restored to the island.

The priority has been to ensure that everyone is safe and accounted for. Many of the brethren suffered major loses and we are still waiting to hear from some of the families. As you know, the communication towers have been severely damaged making communication within the island very difficult. At the same time, we are receiving testimonies of how they have seen the hand of God in the middle of this trial.

We have expanded the relief efforts to include the community beyond the church including different areas of the island. We are coordinating with different entities and organizations that are helping us to get much needed assistance. So far, we’ve been able to send multiple power generators and several boxes with food and supplies.

Thank you to all that have donated to the Disaster Relief Fund. We continue to accept donations thru our website and encourage you to spread the voice about this relief effort. Above all, please continue to pray for our brothers and sister from Puerto and the entire island, that God put His hand and allow them to have a speedy recovery. God bless you.



Puerto Rico Hurricane Aid


Dear Saints,

As you are aware, the believers of Charity Tabernacle in Puerto Rico haved faced hurricane Maria, the worst hurricane the Island has seen in more than 80 years. It has left the entire Island without power with the possibility of it being 4-6 months before power is restored. Along with the hurricane winds leaving such destruction the flooding has been devastating as well and is an ongoing problem. Our hearts and prayers are with the believers in Puerto Rico through this very difficult time. As we wait for power and telecommunications to be restored, we are working on providing any necessary provisions. Some have asked to be a part of this and we are providing this link if the Lord lays it upon your heart to give.

May the Lord richly bless you.

Queridos santos,

Como saben, los creyentes de Tabernáculo Caridad en Puerto Rico se enfrentaron al huracán María, el peor huracán que la Isla ha visto en más de 80 años. Ha dejado toda la isla sin energía con la posibilidad de que sea 4-6 meses antes de que se restablezca. Junto con los vientos del huracán que dejaron tal destrucción, las inundaciones han sido terrible y es un problema que continúa. Nuestros corazones y oraciones están con los creyentes en Puerto Rico a través de este tiempo muy difícil. Mientras esperamos que se restablezcan la energía y las telecomunicaciones, estamos trabajando en proporcionar cualquier provisión necesaria. Algunos han pedido en ser parte de esto y estamos proporcionando este enlace si el Señor le pone en su corazón para dar.

Que el Señor los bendiga ricamente.