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August 8, 2017

Dear Pastor, 

I pray you have a wonderful, blessed happy birthday!!!

I  want to share with you several quotes from Bro Coleman concerning you and your ministry. Praying it will be a blessing to you on this very special day:

“Amen, you may be seated.  Bro Coleman wants to salute Bro Musgrove as a true friend and companion in the Gospel for this Glorious end-time revelation, the Seven Thunders, and Seven Virtues of the Seven Church ages.  We all know the history of the Seven Thunders and how it has transpired here in America since its inception.

 Through that time, Bro Musgrove has stood faithful to this Inspiration and along with his wonderful Church in Tucson, Arizona we appreciate Bro Musgrove for standing true to this Inspiration. ” Comments 03-07-2007

“Almighty God, we appreciate You this morning. There’s no way that we can express back to you what You’ve done for us, especially Lord, these last couple of Sundays. Amen. We could never be the same. Lord, to pour out the Holy Spirit, amen, and the Grace of God. Hallelujah. What can we say Lord? We bless Thy Holy Name. Amen. And Lord, may a special blessing be upon Brother Musgrove and Sister Pam and their church, they’re holding forth, they’re in the coming of the Lord, reflecting on the earth. They’ve been called out from Laodicea and walking in the Light. Lord” Returning in the Power of the Spirit 10-11-92

“Amen you may be seated. And also on these excerpts there’s a prophesy concerning Bro Musgrove being in Tucson as a sign. And Bro Coleman says that he will be talking to you the church more about this message when he has the time, but he says church listen very carefully to these prophetic excerpts concerning the five fold ministry shouting out the bridegroom cometh to the bride. May God richly bless you.” Comments 07-15-2007

“Now you heard me use this quote for many years. And now suddenly we are here. You heard me use this here quote here. “Knoweth It Not,” Jeffersonville, 1965, page 13. I’m only building. The hour is close at hand when you’re gonna see something happen, when something’s gonna take place and all this background here has only been laying a foundation for a short, quick message that’ll shake the whole nation. Is that what Brother Musgrove’s getting ready to do? Amen, praise…shake the whole thing, praise God. Amen, praise God. God be praised.Born Again by the Spoken Word and by the Spirit as Spoken by Malachi 4:5 and 6. 05-13-2001 

Yours in Christ Service,

Bro Tito Muriel

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May 28th, 2017 Sunday Morning Service

Title: “Catching The Headstone For the Resurrection”

Bro David Musgrove



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